sysvinit Zone Ltd

A new company providing Linux IT solutions

First and foremost, we are a Linux company. We've been using Linux to solve all sorts of problems for more than 20 years, both for ourselves and our clients.
We specialise in using Linux in IP Networks, for routing, failover solutions, VPNs, Radius, PPP, and much more.
The Linux kernel comes with KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), a complete virtualisation solution, which we use to provide virtual machines for our clients.
Over the years, developing firewall solutions has become a core part of our business, using the Linux netfilter packet filter.

Bespoke solutions

Quite often, we are engaged to provide a solution to a problem which the client just can't find in "off the shelf" products. At other times a client may be using an "off the shelf" solution which they have found just doesn't have the flexibility to do exactly what they need. In these situations, we can often devise a solution using Linux based software, which has the flexibility needed to produce something that fits the client's needs more closely.

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